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Mopeka propane tank sensor cover (for RV)

Mopeka propane tank sensor cover (for RV)

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The Mopekea propane tank sensors are a great way to measure the propane tank level, but they attach to the side of the tank in an RV with 2 magnets.  Hit a hard enough bump and they will fall off, or a rock could fly up and hit the sensor and knock it off or damage it.  I designed these covers to protect the sensor and hold it in place more securely.  The covers are printed with a flexible plastic called TPU - they are flexible and resistant to impact.

These attach securely to the propane tank with 3 very strong (9.5#) magnets. 

There are 2 Styles of this cover, one for the older rectangular Mopeka sensor, one for the newer Mopeka Pro (round) sensor.

They are available in 5 colors: Gray, Yellow, Green (Teal), Orange, and Red.  The color does not affect the strength or rigidity of the covers.

These are printed to order, so there can be a few days between the time the order is placed and the item is shipped.


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