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Travato Interior Fresh Water Tank Fill Plug

Travato Interior Fresh Water Tank Fill Plug

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Replacement fill plug for the fresh water tank on models of the Travato with inside fresh water tanks.  The check valve prevents siphoning - after filling the tank from the exterior fill port, several gallons of water can be siphoned out of the tank; the check valve prevents that from happening.

There are two versions: The first has a handle and uses an o-ring for the seal - no tool needed and no plumbers tape.  The second version is a commercially available ABS plug with the check valve added; you'll need a tool of some sort to install and remove it.

Note: this is NOT for the fresh water tank drain that is mounted underneath the van on newer models.

Update 02/13/2023 - I moved the check valve so that it no longer sticks up from the top of the fill plug - see latest images. 


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