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Mopeka Pro propane tank sensor cover - 3-arm version

Mopeka Pro propane tank sensor cover - 3-arm version

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The Mopeka propane tank sensors are a great way to measure the propane tank level, but they attach to the side of the tank in an RV with 2 magnets.  Hit a hard enough bump and they will fall off, or a rock could fly up and hit the sensor and knock it off or damage it.  I designed these covers to protect the sensor and hold it in place more securely.  The covers are printed with a flexible plastic called TPU - they are flexible and resistant to impact.

These attach securely to the propane tank with 3 very strong (9#) magnets. 

This is a NEW 3-arm version, designed specifically for the Mopeka Pro sensor.  This cover is more compact and less expensive to print than my earlier one.

These are printed to order, so there can be a few days between the time the order is placed and the item is shipped.


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