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Seestar S50 tripod leveling feet

Seestar S50 tripod leveling feet

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Adjustable feet for the tripod that comes with the Seestar S50 telescope.  These are replacements for the  original black rubber feet.  They allow leveling the tripod by screwing the foot out as needed.  3D printed using TPU, which is flexible like the original feet and very strong.  An M8 45mm long bolt and an M8 rivnut are used for the threaded parts, no 3D printed threads.  To install remove the original rubber foot and clean up the adhesive on the leg. Slide the insert into the bottom of the tripod leg.  Now insert the metal Rivnut all the way until it is seated (it helps to thread the bolt into the rivnut) - this will expand the insert and lock it in place. 

Normally printed in black TPU but custom colors may be available on request (mine are yellow).  The tripod fits in the original case without modification (as long as feet are screwed in all the way!). 

Sold as a set of 3.


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