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Alien Enterprise

Travato Cowl Drip Tray

Travato Cowl Drip Tray

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This is a tray to catch and divert the water that leaks into the engine compartment thru the seam in the windshield cowling.  There are two versions - they both work pretty much the same.  Version 1 uses a nylon tubing adapter and uses 1/2" tubing.  Version 2 has a built-in fitting for 1/2" tubing.  These are printed to order, using PETG.  Hardware and tubing are optional add-ons.  Bolts to the metal flange as shown in the pictures.

To install (V1): insert bolts on metal flange from behind and secure with jam nuts. add the tray and secure with the locking nuts.

To install (V2): bolts go into the tray from the back, secured with jam nuts which act as spacers. install assembly on metal flange and secure with locking nuts.


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