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Alien Enterprise

Travato Exterior Fresh Water Tank Drain Plug

Travato Exterior Fresh Water Tank Drain Plug

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Replacement drain plug for the fresh water tank on newer Travatos (with an exterior fresh water tank).  No tool needed and no plumbers tape - it uses an o-ring (supplied) for the seal.  The handle is 95mm wide (about 3.75 inches).  Printed with food-grade PETG.

Tighten until the o-ring makes contact.  It should spin freely until the o-ring hits.  Turn about 1/2 to 3/4 turn more, then turn backward slightly (maybe 1/8 turn?) to seat the o-ring.

There are now two versions: the original one with a 4 spoke handle and a new one with only 2 spokes at a slightly lower price.
NOTE: There is now a newer version of this that includes a socket for removing the factory installed drain plug:  Travato Fresh Water Tank Drain Plug AND Tool – Alien Enterprise


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